Sandiline Hiking Pants EVO 3/4 Length

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This product is ideal for competition sailing where hiking is needed. Preformed cuts and five different types of neoprene, each one put exactly where its properties are most exalted, makes this product the ultimate hiking pant. To achieve durability and comfort the back side is made with 6,5 mm small diamond neoprene, the 3,5 mm K1 neoprene on the thighs makes the pants rigid where needed, the back of the knees & other parts where elasticity is needed are made with 2mm and 3 mm super-stretch neoprene. Unlike most other hiking pants, Sandiline has integrated battens, made of very stiff polyester put under a rubber plate, this combined with the stiffer neoprene on the thighs makes you feel as your legs and the pants are one. Sizes: S to 2XL Composition: 80% Neoprene, 20% Nylon