How to Book Regatta Accommodation

How to Book Regatta Accommodation

With many of the northern hemisphere international regattas right around the corner, it’s time to start looking into your accommodation plans. Finding the perfect place to stay for a regatta can often be hard, and you don’t want to compromise on living conditions when it’s time to perform at one of your key events for the year. Here’s a few suggestions on what you should look for when booking accommodation.

1 Kitchen

How you fuel your body is one of the most important ingredients to success on the race course. You want to make sure you will have ample energy when you need it the most. Eating at restaurants and hotels often gives you little choice in how you fuel yourself. That’s why I often choose to book an Airbnb instead of a hotel - the flexibility to cook my own meals makes preparing for each day of racing that much easier. 

2 Proximity to Venue

Finding accommodation close to the regatta venue is often difficult, but it is well worth saving the stress and angst which can be caused by long commutes to the boat park. When you need to allocate extra time to travelling to the yacht club, this reduces the amount of time you have to relax around racing, and can lead to unnecessary anxiety which may hinder your performance. Having to travel long distances to the regatta venue can also lead to complications which result in you missing racing altogether! All it takes is one traffic jam, or one faulty car and you might struggle to get to the race course on time.

3 Wifi

This may not sound like a necessity for a sailing regatta, but let’s be real here, we’re all addicted to the internet. Most of us nowadays can’t go a few hours without the internet, and having poor wifi during an event can lead to extra frustration which you simply don’t need during an important regatta. Having a stable internet connection can also be important to your competition in other ways though. With a lot of regattas now utilising online notice boards, being able to check any updates from your accommodation saves an extra trip to check the physical notice board.

4 Air Conditioning

All of us know how important getting a good night’s sleep is to our sailing performance. I’m going to assume that any accommodation you book has a bed included, but not necessarily air conditioning. So what does A/C have to do with sleeping? There’s a lot of research nowadays that suggests that your body temperature plays a large role in the quality of your sleep. Being able to regulate the bedroom temperature to your choosing can have a large effect on getting a good night’s rest. 

Finding good accommodation at a regatta venue can be hard, especially when there are lots of people all searching for the same area, at the same time. My go-to is to book with Airbnb, but depending on your budget, you may be able to afford some more upmarket options. All of my suggestions above have been made without a budget in mind, but if money is tight, then you may need to consider price above all else.

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