ILCA Sailing in Australia

ILCA Sailing in Australia

Australia has a proud history in Laser (ILCA) sailing, with world champions in all three ILCA class rigs, competitive ILCA sailing in every state and territory, and a strong Australian Sailing Team Laser squad including current Olympic champion Matt Wearn.

No matter whether you plan on sailing recreationally, or vying for the top step of the podium, there are sailing clubs all around Australia with local sailors willing to help out and welcome you in to their fleet.

Where to Sail a Laser?

Given its simplicity, low cost and large fleet sizes, the Laser is sailed in clubs throughout Australia, with each state having its own Class Association. On a national level, Laser (ILCA) sailing and competition is governed by the ALCA (Australian Laser Class Association).


Laser racing in Queensland is organised by the Queensland Laser Association (QLA) which covers areas from Tweed in Northern NSW to as far north as Cairns and Tinaroo.

Main Sailing Clubs:

For a more in depth guide about Laser sailing in Brisbane, check out our comprehensive guide here.

New South Wales and ACT

One of the Laser hotbeds in Australia, NSW/ACT, and in particular, Sydney Harbour is the only place in Australia which has two 'Laser-specific' sailing clubs. The NSW/ACT Laser Association organises four major events throughout the year - the State Championship, Masters State Championship, Coast Championship and the Metropolitan Championship.

Major Sailing Clubs:



With one of the most active training programs in Australia, the Victorian Laser Association (VLA) caters to Laser sailors all around the state including Melbourne, Port Phillip Bay and rural Victoria.

Major Sailing Clubs

South Australia

Playing host to the 2024 Australian Laser (ILCA) Championships, Laser Standard (ILCA 7) World Championships, and Laser (ILCA) Masters World championships, South Australia is the place to be from December 2023 - February 2024. These competitions will attract sailors from around the world as many fight for their last chance at Olympic qualification in the ILCA 7 Worlds. The SA Laser Association will be organising the events, alongside many other events throughout the state leading up to the summer of 2023-2024.

Major Sailing Clubs


Most active on Facebook, the Tasmanian District Laser Association is responsible for Laser sailing and racing from the northern coast down through to Hobart.

Major Sailing Clubs

Western Australia

One of the leading forces in Laser sailing in Australia, the Western Australia Laser Association (WALA) organises training and racing at the major clubs in Perth and throughout rural WA.

Major Sailing Clubs

Northern Territory

The majority of Laser sailing in Darwin is based out of Darwin Sailing Club who recently hosted the 2022 Oceania Laser Masters Championship.

Where to buy a Laser or Laser Parts?

Lasers have been proudly produced in Australia using modern, robust construction techniques since early in the history of the class. This legacy continues on today through the Performance Sailcraft Australia (PSA) factory based on the New South Wales Central Coast. PSA boats are distributed through a number of dealers throughout the country including those listed below.

  • Sail27 - Sail27 was founded by Olympic campaigner Dan Self as a way to bring the latest in Laser knowledge and equipment to the Australian market. Based in Brisbane, Sail27 has distribution throughout Australia and aims to provide a bespoke service for its customers.

  • NB Sailsports - NB Sailsports is a dinghy specialist chandlery based out of their store in Woolahra Sailing Club, Sydney. NB Sailsports offers a wide range of products across classes ranging from the Laser through to performance classes such as the Waszp and 29er.

  • Monkeyfist Marine - Monkeyfist Marine is an online marine supply store primarily focussing on apparel and hardware.

  • Laser Direct - Laser Direct is a Laser retailer based out of Adelaide, and founded by long time Laser sailor Andrew Darcey.

    Used Lasers and Equipment

    Nearly every State Laser Association (listed above) have a marketplace on their website for buying and selling used Lasers and equipment. There are also a number of other sites where members post their used equipment.

  • Australian Laser Buy, Swap and Sell - This is a Facebook marketplace group strictly for Laser equipment in Australia.

  • AUS Dinghy Sailing Buy, Swap and Sell - Another Facebook marketplace group, although this caters to all types of dinghies.

  • Gumtree - A general online marketplace site, Gumtree also frequently has used Lasers and parts in their boats section.

Laser Racing in Australia

Australia has a long history of producing some of the world's best Laser sailors, including three Olympic Champions and numerous World Champions across the various rigs and age divisions.

The success of Australian sailors on an international stage can partly be attributed to the high calibre of competition within Australia. Alongside yearly national championships, large international regattas are frequently held in Australia with sailors from numerous countries and regions travelling to compete at the highest level of competition.

2023 Regatta Calendar

For an in depth breakdown of all the Laser events happening in Australia, check out our article with a state-by-state list of Laser events (coming soon!).

National Championships

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