Laser Regatta Equipment Checklist

Laser Regatta Equipment Checklist

With multiple Australian summer regattas just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about preparing your equipment, and making sure you have ample spares. One of the worst feelings in the world is getting to a regatta you’ve spent months preparing for, only to miss out on races due to broken equipment. In this article, I’ll go through a list of things you should check before heading to a major regatta, alongside a list of spares you should take with you in case things do head south.

Things to check:

  • [ ] Inspect lower mast section at the deck level, and mast tang level for corrosion or any signs of cracking

  • [ ] Check plastic fittings on top mast for loose rivets

  • [ ] Make sure all rivets for the fittings on the boom are secure

  • [ ] Check for signs of corrosion around the vang plate and first mainsheet block on the boom.

  • [ ] Make sure that the vang key does not have any cracking around the ‘head’ (part which connects to the boom)

  • [ ] Go over all lines to check for any ‘fuzziness’. This is a sign of the rope wearing out, and may soon break

  • [ ] Perform a leak test on your boat

  • [ ] Check the tiller extension universal joint for any signs of cracks

  • [ ] Ensure that the centreboard stopper is firmly together, and unlikely to fall off

  • [ ] Press the centreboard friction pad as close together as possible - this will prevent your centreboard from popping up

  • [ ] Tighten bolts/screws for your hiking strap

  • [ ] Paint or mark your trolley adequately - trollies often get shared at events, and it is very easy to misplace yours!

  • [ ] Mark all covers and equipment

  • [ ] Pump up trolley wheels - if you’re still using inflatable ones, if you’re not keen on pumping them up, you can also buy ours which never go.

  • [ ] Ensure you have the necessary sail markings. Some regattas require you to have AUS country codes and red diamonds (for female competitors).

  • [ ] Double check that your self bailer works. When you open or close the cockpit plug, the flap on the hull should also move.

  • [ ] See if you need the following:

    • [ ] Rudder retaining clip
    • [ ] Tiller pin
    • [ ] Sail number, boat name and home club markings

    Some regattas require that you compete with these items due to Australian Sailing Special Regulations for Off the Beach boats.

  • [ ] Check that the ratchet on your mainsheet block is still working.

Once you have done all that, 95% of any potential problems on the water should be avoided. For the remaining 5% of problems, having a good spares kit will help you get back on the water as quickly as possible. Here’s what I would recommend keeping in your spares kit.

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