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F-One Kitefoiling Kite Diablo V5

F-One Kitefoiling Kite Diablo V5

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The Diablo V5 is an Olympic race kite designed to lift riders to the next level of performance.  Using a new profile and arc, F-One have created a kite that can cope with all conditions so you can focus on racing. VMG, speed after manoeuvres, fantastic angles:  get ready to reach your personal best on every course.

F-One have worked on increasing internal pressure and produced a solid and stable kite at high angles of attack, and in fast manoeuvring. The kite offers maximum performance with highest stability. Its new, simple and clean technical design has reduced weight. The new high-performance construction reduces material stretch.

Using Technora bridles and a clever internal design, F-One have reduced the bridles for less drag whilst maintaining the strength. This improves angles and overall performance.

By removing the mesh over the vents the V5 inflates much faster and wingtips pop out almost instantly. The F-One drainage system automatically drain water and sand.

The Diablo V5 works brilliantly on short lines giving maximum performance.

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