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F-One Wingfoiling Wing Swing V2

F-One Wingfoiling Wing Swing V2

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The new Swing V2 has been designed to offer the lightest feeling possible whilst generating efficient power to allow foiling in all conditions with maximum stability and ease of use.

The instant power generated by the wing as well as its neutral balance, make it a fantastic wing for all riders no matter their level. It has been designed to flex which greatly improves comfort. The Swing V2 is fantastic for light-winds wave riding.

Its remarkable low weight will make you forget about it when in free fly mode and when riding swell. Riding in the low end is enjoyable and exceptionally intuitive.

The Swing V2 is available in sizes 3.5, 4.2 and 5.0 m to suit all needs.  An ideal pair with the Taaroa Rocket Air V2 inflatable board.

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