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F-One KItefoiling Foil Set Escape 530

F-One KItefoiling Foil Set Escape 530

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The ideal partner for the ProRace Carbon Kitefoiling board.


Designed to foil at high speed with full control whatever the conditions, the Escape 530 foil offers enough performances to go racing but it’s “raison d’être” is first and foremost to provide the most exilherating ride on the water. Light or strong wind, racing or carving the Escape is a playful, nimble and enjoyable hydrofoil which delivers an amazing glide with a terrific speed potential and upmost control.

Such a level of performance is only possible through the use of a 1-piece monobloc construction where the entire plane (front wing, fuselage, stabilizer) is molded in one-shot out of pre-preg carbon with great craftmanship. The end result is a piece of carbon composite with the best possible strength and stiffness to make sure you are always in control.


Available in 75cm, 85cm, 95cm and 105cm, the F-One Carbon Mast is of a 1-piece monobloc construction where the entire mast and fittings are molded in one-shot. It features an integrated  4-bolt plate at the top and an integrated Titan mast foot at the bottom. It can be connected to virtually all boards on the market featuring the twin track system and can receive all the wings and fuselage that feature the Titan connection slot.


The F-One carbon masts are now available with High Modulus (HM) Carbon to raise the bar in terms of performances and control. The percentage of high modulus fiber has been carefully adjusted in order to obtain the best stiffness in bending and torsion, while keeping enough comfort for each kind of practice.

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