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Flymaax Kitefoil Kite Boom v2

Flymaax Kitefoil Kite Boom v2

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A pure IKA Formula ram-air race kite - IKA registered for the 2024 Olympics.  Great also for BigAir and impressive Hangtime!

Developed for performance, the search for the best results and designed to tame the wind in a kite, the new Flymaax Boom V2 kites will suit the most seasoned race campaigner. 

Push the limits of speed with ease of flight with 2-line technology.

The Boom v2 is constructed from 28g – 36g fabric with high-performance technology. You will find good pressure in the kite, which makes it solid and stable. The stability presents itself in pitching at all speed and wind ranges.

Boom v2 is available in 8 different sizes (8-9-10-11-13-15-18-21 m2) and 2 color combinations: red with black borders. or the reverse.


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