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Taaroa Kitefoiling Board Bee 110

Taaroa Kitefoiling Board Bee 110

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The smallest volume board in the Taaroa range, the Bee 110 is a strapless board with carbon epoxy sandwich construction. This is a playful, reactive board conceived for experimental riders desiring greater contact and feel with their board and foil. It is versatile across different disciplines of Kitefoiling including freeride, carving, and surf.

The board's nose is designed to facilitate waterstarting, and its beveled rails help in rebounding from touchdowns efficiently and easily. Its concave deck with a rugged grip permits greater feel and control.

  • Bi-axial carbon fiber: 2 layers on the deck, glass/carbon mix on the rocker line
  • PVC high density sandwich deck construction
  • Fiberglass under PVC
  • EPS closed-cell core
  • High-density PVC reinforcements and US double rail mount
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