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Taaroa Kitefoiling Board Peak

Taaroa Kitefoiling Board Peak

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The Peak range comprises the Peak 142 (35 litres) and the Peak 130 (30 litres).

The Peak 142 is the largest board of Taaroa's Kitefoil range suitable for beginners and intermediate riders.  This board's volume is optimized for easy waterstarts and takeoffs. The board has great glide through touchdowns; the beveled rails and thickness let you rebound easily and not submerge the nose.  Once flying, the board feels aerodynamic and compact.

The Peak 130 is oriented towards intermediate and expert riders with competition in their sights.


  • Extra-large deck pad ideal for a forgiving grip
  • Inserts on deck for installing footstraps
  • Bi-axial carbon fiber: 2 layers on the deck, mixed fiberglass/carbon on the bottom
  • High density PVC sandwich on the deck
  • Fiberglass underneath the PVC sandwich deck
  • Closed-cell EPS foam core
  • High density PVC foil box reinforcement
  • Both double rail and Mini Pro Box mounting systems


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