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Taaroa Kitefoiling Foil Set Race Ultimate

Taaroa Kitefoiling Foil Set Race Ultimate

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The Race Ultimate Set is fully certified by IKA for international and Olympic racing compeitions:

  • Mast: Sword 108 UHM
  • Fuselage: KF 54 Ti
  • Front Wing: KF HA 550 UHM
  • Rear Stabilizer: 170 UHM

The Sword 108 UHM mast is the most exclusive in Taaroa's Kitefoil range. Its sophisticated design and innovative technology is the result of years of R&D. This unique mast is one hundred percent engineered for speed.

The KF 54 fuselage was developed for kitefoil performance. Naturally anticorrosive, it offers enhanced stability at high speeds.

The KF HA 550 UHM front wing is conceived for professional kitefoil racers. The finesse of its profile gives incomparable performance in speed and acceleration, even in light wind.

The 170 UHM rear stabilizer is dedicated to the quest for speed and performance in kitefoil. Its streamlined, low-drag profile isthe ultimate speed weapon.


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