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ILCA Clew Strap

ILCA Clew Strap

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Simple to use system for attaching the clew of the sail to the boom. The easy to use velcro strapping technique provides the strength that is needed in all conditions to pull the sail down to the boom. The design insures less friction than any other attachment method.

The clew strap is fully class legal for the ILCA class and used by all competitive sailors. When using a clew strap on the ILCA Boom, the ILCA Outhaul or sail retrieval elastic can also be attached to the metal ring on the clew strap. 

When sailing an ILCA, being able to achieve maximum leech tension while sailing upwind is necessary to be able to sail as fast as possible. This can be achieved through both tightening the traveller to ensure the traveller blocks are as low as possible, and by attaching the clew as tightly to the boom as possible. Using a clew strap allows you to tighten the attachment to the boom using the metal ring as a purchase. 

Being one of the most important parts of any ILCA sailors kit, it is crucial to have spares in case yours goes missing. 

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