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ILCA 4 Dinghy "Classic"

ILCA 4 Dinghy "Classic"

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Every ILCA in the world is identical. Strict class rules guarantee that it is the sailor, not the equipment, that makes the difference. ILCA racing is a true test of skill.


  • Hull with fittings
  • Camcleat Plate
  • Cunningham Plate with 2 x Ronstan Series 30 Ball Bearing Orbit Blocks
  • Sail (Hyde or North)
  • Sail numbers
  • Batten Set
  • Mast Alloy Top Section (Carbon option available)
  • Mast Alloy Bottom Section
  • Boom
  • Centreboard
  • Rudder Head
  • Rudder Blade
  • Rudder Bolt
  • Rudder Retaining Pin
  • Alloy ILCA Tiller (Carbon option available)
  • Ronstan Battlestick Alloy Tiller Extension (Carbon option available)
  • Tiller Pin
  • 57mm Racheting Block with Soft-Attach
  • Standup Base
  • Traveller Blocks Joined
  • PSA Hiking Strap (Zhikgrip II option available)
  • 4 Ronstan Orbit Blocks (Harken option available)
  • 2 Plastic Beads
  • Turbo Vang
  • Vang Key (Allen High Load Block option available)
  • Twist Shackle
  • Vang Lines: 470cm of 4mm line, 150cm of Dyneema
  • Outhaul lines: 520cm of 4mm line, 135cm of Dyneema
  • Cunningham Lines: 360cm of 4mm line and 140cm of Dyneema
  • Mast Rope: 100cm of 4mm line
  • Mainsheet: 1250cm (5mm Yelllow or 7mm Blue)
  • Hiking Strap Rope - 100cm of 4mm FSE Robline and 200cm 4mm Shockcord
  • Rudder Tie Down - 100cm of 4mm FSE Robline
  • Traveller - 350cm 5mm FSE Robline (sail27 Dyneema option available)
  • Outhaul Hook

Additional Options:

  • Galvanized Steel or Alloy Dolly
  • PSA Velcro Clew Strap
  • Blacksmith Wind Indicator
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