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Protect ILCA Traveller Stickers

Protect ILCA Traveller Stickers

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4 die cut stickers designed by PROtect Tapes experts to avoid the Laser deck wear and tear of the traveller block in the plastic traveller fairlead areas.

Two are black and two are translucent, made of UHMWPE a polymer extremely resistant to abrasion and a modified acryclic adhesive to stick on the deck of your Laser.

The sticker shape has been designed to go around the plastic traveller fairleads and there are at least two application options, both protecting well the deck from abrasion.

How to use:

Ease the traveller control line
Clean and dry the deck surface
Remove the line
Once in the position, pressure the product from the centre and move to the edges ensuring no air bubble between the product and the surface
Best adhesion after 24hrs

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