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ILCA Road Trailer

ILCA Road Trailer

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Transporting your boat to your next regatta has never been easier with this trailer. Towing your ILCA on a trailer is by far one of the easiest methods of transporting your boat. Featuring locking mechanisms designed to hold your boat in place, the amount of tying down you need to do is significantly reduced. 

Optional double decker illustrated. Single decker is identical without second level cross members. Both trailers: 12' 13" ILCA Trailer VIN #6T5RU TARE 140KG, ATM 750KG. Fully Galvanised Frame, Axle, Springs, Fittings, Nuts & Bolts. Steel Rim with 13x 155 tyres. Stainless Steel Bearing Buddies. Snap-on coupling, swing up jockey wheel. LED Lights. Poly Stripping On Siderail / Crossmember.

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