ILCA 7 Sail (Battens included)

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The radial cut ILCA 7 sail comes complete with rolled sail bag and the new style tapered batten set. Bi radial construction Large window. Tapered battens. Optimized patching to eliminate creases and improve durability Durable 4.5 oz dacron cloth .

The ILCA 7 MkII Sail was first designed with increasing the longevity of the sail cloth. This objective has been achieved, with many Olympic sailors now using their sails for 2-3 regattas at a time - whereas in the past, they would frequently need a new sail per event. 

Due to a different design, the settings for the MkII sail are slightly different from the previous sail. A great set up guide can be found here

Battens are included with all ILCA 7 sail purchases. 


Note: Hyde and North sails may have delayed dispatch