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ILCA 7 Sail

ILCA 7 Sail

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The radial cut ILCA 7 sail comes complete rolled sail bag. Bi radial construction Large window. Optimized patching to eliminate creases and improve durability Durable 4.5 oz dacron cloth .

The ILCA 7 MkII Sail was first designed with increasing the longevity of the sail cloth. This objective has been achieved, with many Olympic sailors now using their sails for 2-3 regattas at a time - whereas in the past, they would frequently need a new sail per event.

Due to a different design, the settings for the MkII sail are slightly different from the previous sail. A great set up guide can be found here.

NB: Battens are NOT included with the ILCA 7 sail.

Note: Hyde and North sails may have delayed dispatch.

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