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Urethane Tiller Universal Joint

Urethane Tiller Universal Joint

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Replacement tiller universal joint -  smooth, uniform rotation in all directions and a quick, firm response to steering movements.

This universal joint with snap-on cover is designed to allow quick fitting and removal of the tiller extension from the fixed base.  Constructed from:

  • U.V. stabilised polyurethane tendon; and
  • U.V. stabilised base nylon and cover.

This universal joint fits the PSA Carbon Tiller Extension, Ronstan Alloy Battlestick, and Ronstan Carbon Battlestick.

Despite good protection against UV, bending of the tiller extension can cause the rubber in the universal joint to wear out over time, meaning it is important to frequently check your tiller extension joint, and to have a spare on hand to keep you on the water. 

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