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Zhik Superthermal Hydrobase Top

Zhik Superthermal Hydrobase Top

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Superthermal™ Hydrobase® is our proprietary base layer composite that combines polypropylene and polyester fibres to create a lightweight, warm and highly moisture wicking material. The fabric construction has been engineered to regulate body temperature by transferring moisture away from the skin during periods of high activity while also providing excellent thermal insulation in extremely cold conditions.

The Superthermal™ Hydrobase® composite material combines hydrophilic polypropylene fibres and hydrophobic polyester fibres in a 3D knitted thermal grid. The hydrophilic polypropylene fibres suck moisture away from the skin and the hydrophobic polyester fibres filter this moisture through the fabric to the outside of the garment. The active transfer of moisture will keep the user dry even after extended periods and will also aid in regulating body temperature. Superthermal™ HydroBase® includes an antibacterial treatment to help reduce odour after extended use, and water shedding stretch woven cuffs to protect against accidental water flushing.

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