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Taaroa Wingfoiling Board Acme

Taaroa Wingfoiling Board Acme

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Ultra compact, after you take off you'll barely feel this board in the air at all. Our research and design performed on the rocker guarantees fast takeoff. Optimally beveled rails and rocker enables excellent rebound in the case of a touchdown, an result of the flatter rocker at the tail of the board leading into a double concave towards the nose. This decreases overall wetted surface area. Greater nose scoop also aids in fast takeoff and easy rebound. Volume is also optimized for rider balance.

  • Gore-tex vent release for pressure regulation
  • 3 footstraps included
  • Central footstrap position for surfing
  • EVA 4mm deck pads
  • Bi-axial carbon fiber sandwich construction
  • PVC sandwich on the deck
  • Fiberglass layer under PVC decking
  • EPS closed-cell core
  • PVC reinforcement at the foil box
  • Double rail + Tuttle box mounting systems

The Acme 115 is the ideal board for first flights in Wingfoiling. A volume of 115 litres and length of 177 cm means this board is suited for freeride and intermediate waves.

The Acme 95 is the board of reference for Wingfoiling in all conditions.  A volume of 95 litres and 159 cm length means this board is versatile in both freeride and waves.

The  Acme 85 gives riders a comfortable yet athletic session. The board is designed for early takeoff and reactivity. The 85 litre volume and 125 cm length mean this board is more suited for intermediate or advanced riders.


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