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Taaroa Wingfoiling Foil Set Freeride Aluminium

Taaroa Wingfoiling Foil Set Freeride Aluminium

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Taaroa's Freeride Aluminum foil set is designed for ease of use and progression. For riders starting in Wingfoiling, this set offers stability, security, and rapid skill acquisition.

This set is composed of the following: :

  • The high-quality aluminum UP mast is available in 4 sizes: 55, 65, 75, and 85 cm. The most accessible mast in Taaroa's line, it is light, versatile, and  suitable for riders starting in Wingfoiling.
  • Specially designed for Wingfoiling, the Fuselage 85 is both performance-oriented and progressive, with excellent control in high winds.
  • The LA 1250 front wing is highly versatile, designed for gentle takeoff, effortless glide, and unequaled control, making it ideal for learning and progression in all foiling disciplines.
  • The RW 300 rear wing stabilizer is the most stable, progressive, and versatile in Taaroa's lineup. Adapted to all disciplines of foiling, it offers an excellent balance between stability and performance. From beginner to advanced, this stabilizer gives confidence and an all-round pleasing feel in freeride and expression.

The set is compatible with the entire Taaroa Wingfoil range.


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