Collection: Kite, Wing & Foil

What is it?

Wingsurfing is a new, easy to learn sport rapidly gaining popularity across all ages. Wingsurfers are propelled by a light-weight, hand-held, inflatable, aerodynamic wing similar in shape to a windsurf sail but with no rigging, hardware or strings! This makes Wingsurfing easy to learn.  To further ease entry into this exciting sport, recreational riders and beginners can start on non-foiling boards - even conventional surfboards and SUPs - offering fun and excitement without mastering the additional skill required to foil.  Once confident (it won't take long!), Wingsurfers can use the same Wing on a Foil Board ....

Foil Boards  are like a short surfboard with a hydrofoil (winged fin) on a mast that extends vertically below the board into the water.  When accelerated by the wind propelling a Wing or a Kite, instead of planing on the water’s surface, the hydrofoil lifts the board out of the water so that rider stands up to a metre in the air.  This enables the board to accelerate and maintain amazing speeds - up to 70 km/h!

Wingfoiling is the hottest new wind sport matching a Foil Board with the same hand-held, inflatable, aerodynamic wing used in Wingsurfing.  More skills and faster speeds make Wingfoiling the natural progression for riders seeking the awesome free-flight sensation of foiling. Wingfoil competitions are conducted in different disciplines including course racing, speed, downwind, slalom, wave and  freestyle.

Kitefoiling course racing will debut at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.  Kitefoiling matches a Foil Board with a large, powerful kite to propel the Foil Board and rider at amazing speeds even in light airs.  The advanced skills and the options to race competitively from club to international level make Kitefoil course racing a great sport for competitive sailors from junior classes onward.

sail27 offer best-of-breed Kite and Wing equipment for beginners thru to Olympic aspirants.

Our Brands

Taaroa is a French brand established in 2012, and one of the European leaders in the hydrofoil and board market.  Taaroa offer high-tech, modular Boards and Foils with focus on quality, performance and durability. 

F-One is a French company established in 1994 by windsurfing pro Raphael Salles, with a history of leadership across all technologies related to Wing, Kite and Foil.  F-One produce a complete range of Wings, Kites, Foils and Boards and associated accessories for riders of all ages and skill levels.

Gin Flymaax was born in Switzerland and focus on developing kites with high-quality materials and construction- pursuing passion, state-of-the-art manufacturing and the best R&D.  The latest technologies is used to make the kites more intuitive, performing and responsive.

Forward WIP is a Switzerland-based company establsihed in 2015 and specializing in innovative protective gear designed for riders/sailors going fast on the water. Forward WIP provide unmatched personal protection gear for foiling, flying catamarans and fast dinghies.

Liros is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of hi-tech Kitefoil cords, paragliding lines and yachting ropes -all manufactured in Germany.